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2020 Policies & Procedures

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General Rules

  1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early and be sure to follow the current implemented guidelines and rules for COVID safety (will be sent to registrants and updated weekly dependent up state and local directives at that time.
  2. Dancers need to be picked up on time. Parents will be charged $1/minute past pick-up time/end of class time instructor is responsible for child. Child will not be allowed to attend camp the following day without the late fees in cash the next day at check-in.
  3. Siblings are not allowed to wait unsupervised.
  4. No gum, candy or anything in the dancer’s mouth is permitted at start of camp or class (safety/choking hazard)
  5. All COVID-19 protocol will be in effect for the duration of the summer and is subject to change at any given moment. OC Dance and the hosting studio reserve the right to change these policies and procedures at any time. *Please see COVID-19 guidelines & protocols for more information.
  6. All payments for camps and classes must be paid in full including material fees prior to the first day of camps. No refunds are given after day 1 of class. Refunds prior to the start of class may be given in full minus a $10 processing fee.
  7. All waivers and agreements must be turned in or submitted in completion with all signatures and requested information before camp or class starts and dancers enter the dance room. These waivers and agreements MUST be signed by the legal parent or guardian. Nannies, grandparents, babysitter signatures are not accepted.

OCDP Refund, Cancelation, Withdraw Policies (non-city locations)

OC Dance-specific policies and procedures applied at rental studios in conjunction with city policies. *Please see COVID-19 Policies, Procedures & Protocols for additional policies and procedures during 2020.

  1. Refund, cancelation and withdraw policies apply to OC Dance classes held off-site at non-city partner locations. If registered through an OCDP partner, these policies will default to the respective city policies and guidelines
  2. All classes and/or camps are subject to cancellation or change at any time
  3. Fees are not prorated for missed classes or crafts.
  4. All withdraws must be made in writing and must be received 24 hours prior to start of camp or course. A $10 processing fee will be deducted for online app fees.
  5. Any camp or class canceled due to low enrollment will be asked to transfer to a different class or camp. If a transfer is not an option, the camp or class may be refunded via check to avoid any additional fees if requested by the client. If this request is not made, a $10 processing fee will be deducted for the square app fees.

COVID-19 Policies, Procedures & Protocols

*Our dancer and staff’s safety is of the utmost importance and priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. All policies and protocols are subject to change at any given time due to the fluid state of these state and local guidelines as weeks progress. OC Dance reserves the right to update, change, and implement these rules and regulations at any an all-times to remain a responsible business in our communities. OC Dance also reserves the right to refuse services to any family and/or participant who does not comply with these policies and protocols. No refunds will be processed for those who do not comply. 

We thank you for your understanding and support.

  1. All participants’ parent or guardian is required to complete and turn in all COVID disclosures, waivers and agreements in full prior to entering camp or class.
  2. Masks may be required for camps and/or classes at the time of the course. OCDP will comply with any and all local regulations regarding masks for participants and instructors. Masks will also be available for purchase if needed from instructor.
  3. Temperatures may be checked upon arrival by instructor to ensure COVID safety measures. Any child with a temperature above 98.8 will not be permitted in class or camp. Parent may wait 5-10 minutes for an additional check due to warm weather or active child. Upon the 3rd check if the fever persists above 98.8 degrees the child will not allowed into the program. No refunds will be given for missed days.
  4. All camp crafts will be sterilized, placed in bags and given on day one or dropped off with a fee for participants. It is the parent responsibility to pack the craft items each day and child must keep items with them at all times untouched by others at camp. Items will be taken home each night to avoid contamination.
  5. Parents will be asked to supply their campers own scissors, tape, markers and any other shared item previously used in camp during the pandemic. We request placing items in a large ziplock bag with child’s name and label what you can of these supplies. If any item is left OC Dance will sterilize/wipe down and return to dancer the following day.
  6. During the pandemic, props will not be shared for classes and camps. OCDP may ask to provide own or have implemented various no-contact activities for camps and classes.
  7. Parents are responsible for reminding kids each day prior to entering camp or class about these policies, that they must be followed, and that the parent will be contacted to pick up the child if not complied.
  8. Teachers are instructed to call parents immediately for pick-up if child will not comply with the rules after being asked to.
  9. A sanitizing schedule will be in place for all camps and classes. This includes prior to camp or class, in increments as required by state, local and CDC guidelines, and after every camp or class. Longer increments may be implemented between classes in blocks. Class or camps may start late on occasion due to extra sanitation for any reason. OC Dance reserves the right to start class or camp slightly late to adhere to these rules and regulations and will do so to ensure safety first for our families and staff.
  10. Social distancing protocol will be put into place with the recommended 6’ apart markers in the dance space park area. Time will be taken at the beginning of session, class or camp to set these parameters and rules in place with participants. Non-compliance will result in being removed from class or camp immediately. No refunds will be given for non-compliance in safety regulations. Please continue to remind your children outside of class to listen and comply with these guidelines with their instructor.
  11. Any existing cough, cold, or runny nose could be perceived as a COVID-19 symptom. Any participant that displays these symptoms will not be allowed into class without a doctor’s note indicating that the diagnosis is NOT related to COVID-19 (ie. Allergies, etc.). Without this official note presented to the instructor or OC Dance management OC Dance reserves the right to drop the child from class or camp without a refund.
  12. If any symptoms are presented after check-in, participant will be immediately given a face covering, requested to put it on, parent/guardian will be called for pick-up, and participant will be asked to wait in the lobby away from other participants until parent/guardian is able to pick up child. This regulation is non-negotiable. No refunds will be given if child must be taken home due to COVID-19 symptoms as listed and required by the OC Health Department.
  13. In the event COVID-19 surges and city and/or state directive is to shut businesses again all programming will move to an online format. No refunds will be given as the programming will still run in a virtual capacity if mandated.
  14. All participants will be asked to wash hands prior to entry at the beginning of class or camp.
  15. Parents and/or siblings will not be permitted in the dance room as OC Dance must adhere to the max number of people in one room per distancing standards. Rooms and locations have pre-determined maximum counts and cannot allow additional people in the room at any time. Additionally OC Dance cannot allow anyone near the dancers who is not enrolled as they have not been checked for COVID symptom. We ask that all families please respect these policies for safety.
  16. OC Dance prohibits sharing of foods, beverages and supplies either brought by child or provided by OC Dance at any time during the pandemic.