Popular with both boys and girls, hip hop helps improve coordination, flexibility, and builds athletic confidence while learning fun dance moves!

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Hip Hop

Sneakers required*

Dancers train in the basic fundamentals of hip hop, jazz, and breakdancing while creating awareness for personal technique and emphasis on coordination, rhythm, creativity, and fun. Class promotes strength and flexibility training and dancers may learn some beginning tumbling basics. Appropriate for those new to hip hop or with little dance experience. Sneakers required.

Hip Hop for Boys

This fun, energetic class improves balance, muscle tone, strength, and agility. Young athletes will realize benefits with improved coordination and confidence too. Sneakers required.


Hip Hop Tumble

Sneakers or Jazz shoes required.*

In this fun, energetic class, dancers learn beginning jazz, hip hop, and basic tumbling that are incorporated into dance combinations. Suitable for boys and girls. Sneakers or dance shoes required.

Hip Hop Jazz

Jazz Shoes or Sneakers required*

Explore the elements of creative movements and freezes (poses), spatial awareness and strength and flexibility training with an emphasis on fostering coordination, musicality, and individuality. Sneakers or jazz shoes required.


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Pop Star Hip Hop

Jazz Shoes or Sneakers required*

Dance & choreograph like your favorite Pop Star! Participants will learn choreography and lyrics to popular artists! All dance choreography is jazz and hip hop based as well as clean, fun and age-appropriate. By the end of this course, our pop star dancers will learn their own choreography tips and tools to put on their own show at home. Sneakers or jazz shoes required.

Hip Hop Funk

Sneakers required*

Train with a mix of hip-hop and funky jazz movements and create a foundation for both genres of dance. Dancers develop awareness for personal technique through an emphasis on coordination, rhythm, creativity and individuality. Appropriate for all levels.


Sneakers required*

K-Pop is a musical genre class that teaches an easy and fun mix of electronic, hip-hop, and pop dance moves to upbeat K-Pop music. Suitable for boys and girls.

Hip Hop & Breakdance

Sneakers required*

In this beginning level class, dancers explore elements of hip hop and basic breakdancing concepts. This fun, energetic class fosters creativity and improves balance, rhythm, strength, agility and coordination. All moves and music will be clean and age-appropriate. Sneakers required.

TikTok Hip Hop (clean)

Sneakers required*

Perfect for kids who want to learn TikTok dances and parents who want to keep them off the app! Participants will learn popular TikTok dances taught by an instructor that are age-appropriate in both movement and song choice. Class helps improve jazz and hip hop dance technique and instructor will break down choreography and encourage dancers to add their own flare! Participants will also learn a choreographed dance inspired by TikTok moves.