So, What Are We Doing In Camp??

We have award-winning camps and people love them. So what ARE we doing each day while our parents are at play? Below is how we roll each day in camp!



We do ice-breakers and warm-ups in each camp that are themed to our camp (Princess, Superhero, etc.), and jump right into technique and choreography specific to our camp. All our teachers not only are versed in their camp genre but LOVE working with kids and are hand selected out of our current & previous staff to work camps all summer long. Once we work hard and take a break, we move onto…..

Games & Crafts

Our games are selected by staff based on the collaborative favorites from years past or new, silly games that kids get a kick out of playing. Many have props like balloons or streamers – think a Kids version of Minute to Win it combined with their favorite games with friends. Again, these are formatted with that camp’s “theme” and are listed at the bottom of this page.

“I am Kind” Kindness Activity

Each day our group slows it down for a few minutes and has a kindness activity. Click here (then hyperlink to the 2nd page we are doing) to see our daily topic and what to do with your kindness items to keep it going!

Last Day Performance

Check your emails and invitation you received on DAY 1 for your camper’s last day performance and time. We do start promptly at the scheduled time so parents can be back to work so please plan to get there early for parking. We will make a special presentation of not only what we learned but show you how amazing and kind your kids were all week to one another with a little surprise!


Each camp has their own list of crafts. Each camp will have several crafts from this list for their camp.

Jedi Hip Hop

  • Light Saber
  • Jedi Robe
  • Sky “Water” Skywalker water bottle
  • Galaxy Jar
  • Space Gliders
  • Darth Vader Capes

Superhero Hip Hop Camp

  • Super Water Bottles
  • Superhero capes
  • Superhero Super Shields
  • Star Squishee
  • Super Door Hangers
  • Super Pencil Boxes

Pop Star Sing & Dance Camp

  • “Pop Star Glam” glitter microphones
  • LED Rockin’ Headband (or ties for boys)
  • “No Autographs Please” jumbo sunglasses (‘cuz we wear our sunglasses at night….)
  • VIP Backstage pass Concert Lanyard
  • Color-Me “Morning Joe” mug
  • Star squishee
  • I am “YOU-nique” poster
  • Canvas Pop Star Bags
  • “Do Not Disturb” Door Hangers
  • Pop Star frames for last day group photo
  • Pop Star Glow-in-Dark hair bow container

Princess Academy (themed either “Frozen” or “Under the Sea”)

  • Princess Goblets
  • Princess Crowns
  • Princess totes
  • Color Me Princess frames
  • Shell or Starfish craft
  • LED Coronation Wreath or Crab LED headband

Cheer & Pom Dance Camp

  • “Cheerific” Megaphones
  • Team Water Bottles
  • Team Clipboards
  • Team Visors
  • Frames

All-in-One, Triple Threat, Intro to Musical Theater Camps

  • Canvas Bags
  • Color-Me Frames
  • Squishes
  • LED headbands or Ties
  • Color-Me Mugs
  • Frames
  • Water bottles

Children’s Musical Theater

(Descendants or Aladdin specific)

  • Genie lamp
  • Slap bracelets
  • LED headbands or ties
  • Color Me Mugs
  • Canvas Bags
  • Jumbo sunglasses
  • Glitter microphones
  • Color me squishee