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Dress Code

OCDP does not require a certain dress code for classes (unless stated at the end of a class description) however, below is the recommended class attire for our classes:

You may also see our recommended dress code lists through Revolution Dancewear

Ballet: Pink or black leotard, ballet pink tights, canvas or leather ballet shoes (split sole okay for ages 7-12). Tutus are permitted up to age 6. 7-12 wrap skirts only please. Hair is to be tied back, preferably in a bun.

Jazz or All-in-One: Leotard or form fitting tank/tee shirt, leggings/stretchy bottoms (girls) or workout bottoms (boys), jazz shoes (lace up or slip on)

Tap: Leotard or form fitting tank/tee shirt, leggings/stretchy bottoms (girls) or workout bottoms (boys), tap shoes. *For combo dance use ballet attire and include tap and ballet shoes

Hip Hop: Non-Restrictive clothing- form fitting tank/tee shirt, leggings (girls) or workout/stretchy bottoms (boys), sneakers

Cheer: Non-Restrictive, form-fitting workout wear, sneakers (cheer outfits allowed)

Parent & Me: Non-restrictive clothing, follow the guidelines above for your dancer’s specific class

child ballet

Starlettes Performance Group Dress Code

Team members should wear proper dance clothes for their genre of dance. The dress code is as follows:

Ballet: Leotard and tights (your color of choice), ballet pink ballet shoes and hair up in a bun

Jazz or Hip hop: black leggings or dance/workout pants, dance or sports top or fitted t-shirt. Hair secured in ponytail. Tan jazz shoes.

Combo class: leotard and tights (color of choice) ballet pink ballet shoes and black tap shoes. Hair secured in bun.


Street clothes such as baggy t-shirts, jeans, dresses or open toe shoes are not permitted. This is for the safety of your dancer.