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OC Dance Dancers & Families Are Amazing!

Our OCDP dancers and families are amazing people from various communities within Orange County, CA. They support our endeavors in philanthropy and help us donate good for various causes throughout the year.

Throughout the year OC Dance supports various charities and causes either in our local community, in the dance community or global causes that touch our heart and foster compassion. See below for our current causes this session!

Traveling Tutus

Traveling Tutus enables children across the world to enjoy the art of dance in rehearsal clothes and beautiful costumes. OC Dance is an official sponsor of Traveling Tutus and ships donations from our dance company & families who wish to repurpose their dance clothes and costumes for a good cause. Click on image for more information on this non-profit.

Wingman Dance

OC Dance has adopted the program, Wingman Dance, for our studio classes and camps. Dylan’s Wings of Change is a non-profit created and dedicated to Dylan Hockley, a 6 year old autistic boy who lost his life at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Wingman dance is a program with philosophies and activities for dance studios that promotes a culture of inclusive environments for children around the world. Various activities and portions of Wingman’s programming is incorporated into OC Dance’s curriculum.

For more information on ways OC Dance and their non-profit, the Infinite Smile Project, implement daily and monthly activities to promote compassion and service amongst our youth, please click below to see our partner programs.