Thanks for joining us at camp!

Throughout the week you will get handouts, emails and crafts that were created the non-profit, the Infinite Smile Project, which is a free program that teaches inclusivity, kindness, & encourages children to do consistent acts of kindness and service to others. Below is more information on the items you have received in camp and how to use them!

Kindness Cards

Day 1

On Day 1 you received 2 of these cards. Each child has been tasked to head out into the world this summer and do something kind and amazing for someone. Your child can do anything big or small for another, volunteer in their community, etc. and then hand their card to the recipient of the card and challenge them to do the same.

Once they do their act of kindness, go to, click on the “I Am Kind logo or click here and add your story!

Kindness Ambassador Cards

These cards are handed out on occasion to campers we see doing something really amazing and kind to another when they think no one is watching. Instructors may hand out 2 or 3 max during any given camp so these are very special!

If your child comes home with one of these cards, give them a big hug and ask your teacher the story behind their card that day! For these your camper can also tell their story on how they were recognized for being kind here too!

Step 1: Receive your Star. It can be wood or paper. If paper, ideally, you will want to laminate it once decorated.

Step 2: Decorate your Star with items and colors to reflect YOU. Use marker, stickers, paint, etc.

Step 3: Name your star and use a string or the color ribbon chart below to represent a cause you helped with your star or one that is important to you. Go do an awesome act of kindness or service to others or cause.

Step 4: Now place your star on the map, write your star’s name, tell your story & even upload a photo or your star or you with your star. CLICK HERE to add your star to the map!

Step 5: Send your star to a friend anywhere in the world with directions or this link to keep your star traveling. Challenge them to do the same, map your star with your star’s name but THEIR story, & send to someone THEY know. Then watch it fly across the globe!

Have a cause you love? Use this ribbon color key to represent your cause of choice to hang your star

To learn more about the Infinite Smile Project & for monthly projects that cultivate kindness, compassion & and philanthropic spirit, visit