isp-logo-smallOC Dance feels that compassion and service to our community creates well-rounded, confident and happier children.

Although our company provides dance instruction by trade we want to demonstrate the value we see in providing resources, value and funds to programs that cultivate the kindness and community our children deserve.

OCDP is proud to partner with the Infinite Smile Project, Inc. ISP is a 501(c)3 non-profit that empowers children starting at age three to make kindness, acts of service, and philanthropy a core part of their lives at a young age. ISP provides free resources and activities for children and parents that excite kids and are easy for parents so children can start thinking of giving back in a way that is meaningful and fun.

ISP has free programs and resources to get children ages 3 and up started in simple acts of service that they enjoy and are made for busy parents who want to teach their kids to be kind and service-oriented but are incredibly busy.

Ideas, resources and even events are located on the Infinite Smile Project website.

Please contact OC Dance or the Infinite Smile Project if you would like your dancer to learn to give back as an ISP “Pup” (Ambassadors ages 3-8) or “Kindness Ninja” (ages 8-12).