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Miss Rebecca | Dance Instructor

Miss Rebecca’s love story with dance began 22 years ago in a ballet studio at 5 years old. This was also the time she began performing and learned that telling a story through dance is what makes it enjoyable. In fact, she feels that it is more than just a story, it is another world being created, even just for a moment. Miss Rebecca continued her ballet training, becoming very excited when she was finally able to start wearing pointe shoes at age 10. It wasn’t until she began college that she dived into other styles of dance, starting with modern and contemporary. Miss Rebecca realized that there is beauty in flexed feet and turned in legs which gave her a new sense of freedom and even more ways to express herself. Not long after that, she joined a modern dance company where she would discover a passion for aerial arts including silks, hammock, and hoop. Eventually, she incorporated hip hop and jazz-funk into her dance vocabulary. This taught her just how rewarding it was to really push outside of her comfort zone and to acknowledge all aspects of herself. Currently, Miss Rebecca is teaching dance classes, training, and performing in Los Angeles, a dream that she will forever be in the process of creating. As a teacher, she loves connecting and celebrating with her students as she witnesses and guides them to flourish in their own unique ways. Miss Rebecca believes that dancers step into their artistry when they add intention behind their movement, whether it be an amazing grand jeté or a simple walk. She says that in truth we are dancing all the time throughout our daily lives even without an audience to applaud us. It is Miss Rebecca’s hope that each one of her students may discover their own path in dance and she is honored to be a part of their journey.