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Classes include but are not limited to:

Beginning Classical Ballet

A continuation from Princess Ballet or for those new to ballet. Dancers will learn ballet movements, grace, poise, dance class etiquette and an introduction to ballet terminology in this beginner class. Instruction includes practice at the barre, traveling across the floor, choreography, and strength and flexibility exercises for a well-rounded foundation in ballet. Performance for parents on the final day of class. Ballet shoes required.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun dance genre that promotes and encourages artistic creativity, individuality and an awareness for personal technique. This energetic class teaches clean, age-appropriate hip hop moves, combinations and technique. Dancers will also develop and improve balance, musicality, rhythm, and agility while building confidence amongst peers. Suitable for boys and girls. Sneakers required.

Hip Hop Tumble

Dancers train in beginning jazz, hip hop, and basic tumbling that are incorporated into dance combinations. Class promotes balance, coordination for dance or sports, rhythm, listening skills, and individuality through movement exercises center and across floor. Perform for family and friends on the last day of class. Suitable for boys and girls. Sneakers or dance shoes required. Choreography performed for the parents on the last day of class.

Princess Ballet

Your little ballerina will enter a world of magic and imagination by dancing to their favorite tunes from fairy tales new and old. This class creatively teaches the basics of ballet and dance through terminology and imagery. Dancers listen to favorite princess stories, engage in creative movement activities, and learn beginning ballet technique while donning princess tutus with wands. Ballet shoes required. Choreography performed for the parents on the last day of class. A cash material fee is due to the instructor at the first class meeting.

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