Online Waiver

Summer 2020 OC Dance Safety Agreement

If not agreed to and signed before the camp start date, participant will not be allowed to enter camp until document is returned.

* I am aware and understand the risks associated with taking a camp, class, hosting or attending an event with OC Dance or Ever After Princess Events during the COVID-19 outbreak.
* I agree to notify OC Dance and location contacts immediately if any symptoms arise with my child or the child in which I am responsible for, explain the symptoms and work with OC Dance to determine if child can attend the event, class or camp based on this information.
* I understand and agree that if OC Dance deems my child’s symptoms a possible risk to others I will have to withdraw from the class or camp. No refunds will be given, but rather credit towards another activity, event or camp of equal value to use within a year.
* I understand and agree that OC Dance has set in place specific policies and procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic and could mandate the use of masks, PPE and/or social distancing measures for our class, camp or event for all participants at any time. These policies and procedures could change at any time by OC Dance, the CDC, County of Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside County, the State of California or the city in which my event, class or camp is being held.
* I understand that if myself, my child, or anyone associated with me exposed to others in the class, camp, or activity refuse to comply with the policies and procedures in place for the class, camp or event I will be asked to leave the event or drop the camp or class and no refunds will be given for non-compliance. Ever After Event Productions, LLC
* I understand that I may be asked to complete a questionnaire regarding my child’s health history in exchange for being let into camp or class for the protection of others.
* I understand that I may be asked to present a doctor’s note per the request of Ever After Event Productions, LLC if symptoms are suspected or requested. I understand that I will be asked to comply with this request if necessary to ensure the safety of others. I understand that if I do not comply with this request I may be asked to leave the camp, class or event without a refund.
* I understand that at times check-in or start times may be slightly delayed due to sanitation standards. I know that this may happen on occasion and make-up time to class may or may not be added to class time to ensure cleaning time needed for the next class or event that is set to start.
* I understand and agree to possible temperature checks for participants or guests for camps, classes or events by EAP staff.
* I understand and agree to the request to pick up and/or remove my participant from a class, camp or event if the child refuses to comply with safety measures after working with the child to do so. If refusal persists and seen as a possible risk to other participants, I understand I will be asked to retrieve my participant ASAP. No refunds or credits will be given in the event of non-refusal on compliance.
* All parents, participants and staff will be held to any and all safety measures placed on classes, camps or EAP events. I understand and agree to comply at all times for the safety of others including check-in and check-out processes.