Hope everyone had a great holiday. Thank you for kindly volunteering to help make this a successful recital for the kids. Below is all the information you will need for Saturday. Please read all this information thoroughly as some pertains to you and some is for your family and friends that will join you later at the show. If for some reason your plans have changed and you can no longer show up an hour before please let us know no later than Tuesday, that way we can find a replacement for your assigned jobs.



Saturday, December 1st
Lakeview Senior Center:  20 Lake, Irvine (cross streets are Alton and Lake)

Check in: Please check in with the OCDP staff down the hall to the right where you see the signs for check-in for the dancers.

Check in times:
10:00am show: 8:45 am
1:00pm show: between 11:45am-Noon
4:00pm show: between 2:45pm-3:00pm

**Parking will be a problem for the 1:00 and 4:00pm show. Please allow enough time to find parking and navigate traffic. If any volunteer is later than 10 minutes past check-in we will have to mark you as a no show and give up your reserved seat to another volunteer.

Attire: Please wear anything you like. We will have large name tags for you to help kids and parents identify who the parent volunteers are

Duties that will be assigned to parent volunteers (you will do one or two of these for the hour prior to the start of the show). Upon arrival at the check-in desk you will be designated a job:

  • Ticket sales
  • Program distribution
  • Seating enforcement (no seat saving, enforcing the lap sitting rule, keeping reserved seats open, keeping children off the stage, and asking people to fill in empty seats to allow room for others)
  • Check-in for dancers
  • Door monitors backstage (no one other than parent volunteers and OCDP staff is allowed in the backstage room due to safety and monitoring)
  • Backstage assistance (helping children get grouped with their class, entertain and talk to children, assist with distribution of crafts and activities, bathroom chaperones, etc.

The front row in the auditorium will have signs for “RESERVED” seating. These are for our parent volunteers. You may place your stuff at the seat of your choice in this front row as first come, first serve. All seats in the front are great as there are only 20. These seats are one per volunteer. Your additional guests will need to locate seats behind the reserved seating. Please let your guests know that seats are a first come, first serve general seating. There is no seat saving so they will all want to come together. Tickets go on sale starting 45 minutes prior and doors open 30 minutes prior. Tickets the day of are *CASH ONLY. Please let your friends and family know of this rule as there are no exceptions.

As a parent volunteer you have access to your children backstage. Please keep your name tags on if you think you will  need to see them prior to them going on stage. This is the only way the OCPD staff will know you are a volunteer and are allowed to go inside. Once the show starts you will be relieved of all your duties and can enjoy the entire show. The show should last about 1 hr, 15 minutes each. There is a quick turnaround in between shows so note it will be crowded in the hall. You are free to check out your child after their performance if you wish, however they must return from the stage and check back into the room, then be checked out. This is for the safety of all the children at the recital. If you choose to do this, it will alleviate some of the wait time after the recital ends and everyone is checking out their children.

If you wish to purchase more tickets this week you may from your instructor, however this week the tickets are cash-only basis as we are 5 days out from the show. If you have any more recital related questions we have a blog entry that should answer most of your general questions:  If you have any further questions please feel free to email us!

Thank you again for your time! We look forward to seeing you on Saturday!

Orange County Dance Productions
(714) 389-1933