OC Dance’s P.E. and Art Supplement Program

OC Dance is contracted with the Irvine School District for after school programming. We are now offering this elective program to all districts. We are providing arts and physical education outlets for our partnered schools. A percentage of profits goes to your school or district directly.

All physical education classes are designed to keep kids moving & socialized during the pandemic. All classes also include segments to strengthen and condition muscles & include cardio aspects as a supplement to physical education and youth sports. All classes include a high level of personal interaction with low maximums to ensure all students receive proper social interaction during virtual programming in various school districts.
Participants in arts supplement classes will be guided through various arts enrichment activities to nurture their creativity. Activities include creative movement dance, painting, acting, music and singing, clay art, and crafting. These classes encourage students to develop their creativity, fine motor skills, perception of shape and spatial relationships, and imagination! Classes are designed for children in grades K-2nd and 3rd-5th.

Two Ways to Implement

OC Dance Full Service

*We process payment and registration for students and pay school after registration.

Payment and Registration Through School

*School or district collects payment and registration and pays OC Dance after registration.


Please contact OC Dance Productions at info@ocdanceproductions.com if your school or district is interested in implementing our programming this Fall.