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Make-Up Policy

Unfortunately, OCDP and the cities we with work with do not allow make up classes for missed classes for any reasons such as vacation or illness. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause. Prior to registering, if you know that you may be missing a class(es) at the beginning of a session, it is possible that your dancer can join the class later at a prorated tuition if approved by OCDP, the City, and if there is space available in the class. Please email us for more info.

1-2-3 Class Disciplinary Policy:

All children’s dance classes follow a 1, 2, 3 Disciplinary Policy: #1 Child is given a verbal warning by the instructor. #2 Child is asked to sit down at the edge of the room and act as an “audience member”. #3 Child is asked to take a break in the lobby for a few minutes or until the child is ready to come back into the dance room. OC Dance Productions has the right to use and follow this policy to ensure the quality and safety of a class.

Child Safety:

We ask that parents please stay outside the classroom during class for a better dance experience. In doing so, please stay close to the dance room in case your dancer needs you. Your child may not meet you anywhere other than at the door of the dance room after dismissal. Once the child leaves the dance space after class OC Dance is not responsible for supervision of your child. If you are late in picking up your dancer they will be asked to sit with the office staff until you arrive.

  • Dancers must wear recommended footwear in class to prevent injury
  • No child/adult is permitted into the dance space without a signed registration form waiving all liability for dance class
  • Any injury that occurs in class MUST be brought to the instructors’ attention. An injury report must also be filed with the front desk for any injury that may occur
  • Please do not leave your child unattended before or after class time. OC Dance is not responsible for any unattended children before or after class time
  • Parent & Me Classes may only have a 1:1 ratio. Only one parent/guardian may be present in the dance space at a time with their child. Conversely, each child must have 100% active parent participation in order to remain in class
  • You are welcome to take video or photos of your child from the windows or on the last day performance however please be considerate of others’ privacy. Please do not post on social media outlets if other children are in the photo without their parents’ consent. OCDP is not liable for any shared photographs on social media outlets. Any photos OCDP will post will have written permission regarding their use
  • All class formats, party packages and formats, progression plans, lesson plans, and ideologies are copyrighted by Orange County Dance Productions. Any duplication or use of these items listed above without permission from Orange County Dance Productions will be subject to legal action
  • OCDP’s instructors offer the unique benefit of offering their emails to parents to provide an open-communication environment so we can offer the best customer service possible to our families. Please be respectful of this opportunity and utilize their email for its’ intended purpose. At no time are instructor’s phone numbers allowed to be given.
  • OCDP’s partnership with ISP is an optional program for dancers to participate in during the year. There is no obligation to participate. This is a free resource that cultivates compassion and confidence in servicing our direct communities. OCDP is not responsible or liable for any injuries or issues that may occur while doing an ISP project or event.

“OCDP Disclaimer”:

All class, camp, private lessons, and parties will have liability forms to be signed by a parent or guardian waiving liability for all programs. No one will be admitted into our programs without a signed waiver. Orange County Dance Productions, Ever After Princess Events, or the Infinite Smile Project is not responsible for any injuries and participant and legal guardians will assume all responsibility for participants. Participants in any of our programs will assume all responsibility for any injuries.