OC Dance Productions partners with various cities in OC, LA, and Riverside counties. These policies are set up to honor each city’s policies and procedures as well as provide a safe and fun learning environment for dancers. Please review these class standards. We thank you for your understanding.
  1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early and be sure to follow guidelines and rules for safety. If you arrive after the start of class, please have your dancer quietly enter the studio and join us. We may cover important updates at the beginning of class so please check in with your instructor after class.
  2. Bathroom breaks could be distracting during class time. You will notice that once a dancer asks to go to the restroom, the others will follow. Please take your dancer to the restroom prior to class starting!
  3. Dancers need to be picked up on time and instructors will not be responsible for children outside of class time. We ask that you please try to remain near the room during class time. If your child needs you for any reason during class, your instructor can wave you to the room as they are not allowed to leave the dance room unattended during class time for any reason. Many cities do charge for late pick-ups. Any late pick-ups will generally result in dancer being taken to the recreation office after class.
  4. For safety reasons, we ask that you please pick up your child from the classroom. The City asks that you personally check them out of class to ensure that they are being picked up by a loved one and not being left behind. Most dance rooms are located near parking lots or busy streets and it can be scary watching a child run out of the doors without an adult. So please make sure that you are on time for your child, either in the lobby waiting for your dancer or by the doors near the dance room after class, and be sure your instructor sees you in the doorway before you leave.
  5. Siblings are not allowed to wait unsupervised.
  6. No gum, candy, or anything in the dancer’s mouth is permitted at the start of class (safety/choking hazard)
  7. All waivers and agreements must be turned in or submitted in completion with all signatures and requested information before class starts and dancers enter the dance room. These waivers and agreements MUST be signed by the legal parent or guardian. Signatures of nannies, grandparents, etc. are not accepted.
  8. The City policy is that the doors may not be opened until the class begins, so please make sure that you are with your dancer until then, they will not be supervised before class. No child/adult is permitted into the dance space without a signed registration form waiving all liability for dance class.
  9. If there are any injuries or anything the instructor should be aware of regarding your child, please inform your instructor before class starts. It’s our job to keep you safe and have a fun time. So please let us know so we can help you! Any injury that occurs in class MUST be brought to the instructors’ attention. An injury report must also be filed with the front desk for any injury that may occur.
  10. Please refrain from bringing your child to class if he/she is sick. Stay home, get better, and keep germs out of the dance space. We appreciate your help in keeping other dancers and instructors healthy.
  11. You are welcome to take photos or video-record your dancer in class. To be considerate toward other families and protect privacy, please do not share your photos or videos online (social network platforms, youtube, etc). OCDP is not liable for any shared photographs or videos on social media outlets.
  12. While we hope all dancers have a joyful experience, we understand kids have rough days (just as adults do) and there may be times during classes, camps, or performances when a child does not want to participate. OC Dance instructors will never force a child to unwillingly participate but will encourage them to participate when comfortable. If your child is continually not participating in class, please talk to your instructor about ways that may make your child more comfortable and excited to participate. We’re happy to suggest other class options for transfer as well if such options are available.
  13. All class formats, party packages and formats, progression plans, lesson plans, and ideologies are copyrighted by Ever After Events, LLC (OC Dance Productions). Any duplication or use of these items listed above without permission from OC Dance Productions will be subject to legal action.
  14. OCDP’s instructors offer the unique benefit of offering their emails to parents to provide an open-communication environment so we can offer the best customer service possible to our families. Please be respectful of this opportunity and utilize their email for its’ intended purpose. At no time are instructors’ phone numbers allowed to be given.
  15. OCDP’s partnership with ISP is an optional program for dancers to participate in during the year. There is no obligation to participate. This is a free resource that cultivates compassion and confidence in servicing our direct communities. OCDP is not responsible or liable for any injuries or issues that may occur while doing an ISP project or event.

“OCDP Disclaimer”:

All classes, camps, private lessons, and parties will have liability forms to be signed by a parent or guardian waiving liability for all programs. No one will be admitted into our programs without a signed waiver. OC Dance Productions, Ever After Princess Events, or the Infinite Smile Project is not responsible for any injuries and participant and legal guardians will assume all responsibility for participants. Participants in any of our programs will assume all responsibility for any injuries.

Our dancers’ and staff’s safety is of the utmost importance and priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. All policies and protocols are subject to change at any given time due to the fluid state of guidelines as weeks progress. OC Dance Productions reserves the right to update, change, and implement rules and regulations at any and all times to remain a responsible business in our communities. OC Dance Productions also reserves the right to refuse services to any family and/or participant who does not comply with policies and protocols.

Follow CDPH and CDC guidelines. If an instructor or participant tests positive for COVID-19 please email info@ocdanceproductions.com so we can inform the city and take necessary precautions. Names will be kept confidential to protect privacy.

If you have questions regarding your city’s specific COVID-19 policies & procedures, please email us at info@ocdanceproductions.com  

*OC Dance is not responsible for changes in classes/camps protocol or cancelation due to state and/or city regulations during COVID-19 restrictions. Attending any class or camp with OC Dance assumes participants and parents know and understand the risks associated with COVID-19 during the pandemic. Thank you.

  • If you are participating in a Parent & Me class, we prefer each dancer has only one parent/caretaker accompanying them unless city policy only permits a 1:1 parent/child ratio.
  • If you have two children participating in the Parent & Me class, then each dancer needs one parent to themselves. You will find that it is easier for you and your child.
  • Many cities require an additional waiver or sign-in sheet for any adult entering the dance space with the dancer.
  • You are welcome to take photos or video record your dancer in class, as long as it does not disrupt the class and you’re still able to actively participate with your child. To protect the privacy of others, please do not share your photos or videos online (social network platforms, youtube, etc). OCDP is not liable for any shared photographs or videos on social media outlets.
  • Please do not enter the dance room unless your instructor is also in there with you. (City policy)
  • For the safety of other dancers and to keep our studio clean, please throw away any gum in your mouth and finish any snacks before you enter the classroom.
  • Our dance room has quite an echo. Practice your inside voices while in the dance room or lobby.
  • Please do not hang on the barres. This can lead to serious injury or cause the barre to break.
  • Floors are very slippery in our building. Please no running unless your instructor has told you to do so in an organized manner.
  • Use your best listening skills. (Just like in school, we want to be able to learn, have fun, and not miss a beat in class. Therefore, please try to not talk with neighbors in class or shout out, if you have a question about class you can raise your hand and your instructor will call on you.)
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself. (For your child’s safety.)
  • Only dancers registered for the class are allowed to be in the room (City policy).

We want everyone to have a fun time learning dance, and to make it fair for everyone’s learning/dancing experience, thus OCDP has worked with our cities to establish these corrective actions.

All children’s dance classes follow a 1, 2, 3 Disciplinary Policy: 

  1. Child is given a verbal warning by the instructor.
  2. Child is asked to sit down at the edge of the room and act as an “audience member”.
  3. Child is asked to take a break in the lobby for a few minutes or until the child is ready to come back into the dance room. Your instructor may speak with the parent after class is over.

OC Dance Productions has the right to use and follow this policy to ensure the quality and safety of a class.


OC Dance Productions has a zero tolerance policy regarding child harassment or “bullying” in any of our classes, camps or events. If you are having any issues in class please notify your instructor and they will work with our main office and city to resolve the issue.

  1. Any class registered for through a city website/program will fall under that city’s policy for cancelations and withdraws. Please contact the city for your request.
  2. All classes and/or camps are subject to cancellation or change at any time.
  3. Fees are not prorated for missed classes or crafts. Make-ups for missed classes will fall under that city’s policy. Please contact the city for your request.
  4. Refunds will not be granted to those who have been asked to leave or be removed from class or for any other non-compliance reason in OCDP classes. COVID-19 restrictions, regulations, and procedures must be followed at all times.