Infinite Smile Project Stories!

The Infinite Smile Project has been taking over and OCDP has been so thrilled to see and read everyone’s stories of kindness and sharing in the community and with loved ones. Some of our classes received wands and we can’t wait to see what our dancers do with them! Keep sharing your stories with us at

1. Miss Care’n handing off a wand with an extra special tip for the pizza delivery man!

2. From Miss Melissa- My friend needed a new sleeping bag. This is my neighbor. He has lived in this spot for over 3 years. I always wait till I see him sleeping to drop off things. Normally I don’t share such moments as they are quite personal , but I am now in the hopes of sharing Kim Downey Esmond’s “Infinite Smile Project” to spur on help and kindness where it is needed, even in there smallest measurements. To learn more go to the link below. Find a wand , do some good

3. The Infinite Smile Project at work in Miss Liz’s class! One of our Irish dancers wrote our Director a heartfelt email asking to hold the class this session. Even offering some of her allowance to pay for Miss Liz. We were so touched by this 10 year old’s kindness we brought them some magic wands. That email made our day!

4. Our friend, Richard Simmons with his Infinite Smile Project wand and a coloring book the kids made for him.

5. From Miss Liz- When my work started the Infinite Smile Project, I was more than excited to be part of such an awesome project. In August, my grandpa was in the hospital, and when he was working with the nurses or down for a procedure, my family spent their time in the little waiting room killing time reading all the cancer pamphlets and worrying. It would of been nice to have a little something to distract us while we anxiously waited. That is why I decided to pick up some different activity books to take to a local hospital for adults or children (or adults who like to color!) Hopefully, someone else in the same shoes we were in will appreciate the distraction and pass on the smile:) I cannot wait to pass on my next smile! If you are interested in checking out what the Infinite Smile Project is, then visit our Facebook page

6. From Miss Liz- Second Infinite Smile Project- 2 bags of slightly used clothing and shoes donated to Orange County Rescue Mission! Orange County Rescue Mission focuses on getting people back on their feet and back into jobs, so hopefully someone can use some of the clothing to wear to a job interview.

7. We took one OCDP’s oldest friends to dinner during Newport Restaurant Week and gave her a wand. Because she exudes awesomeness. Plus it’s her birthday!

8. Our Mariner’s church MOPS friend, Sarah, experimented with the Infinite Smile Project at her local park. She filled buckets with park toys for surprised little ones this morning. Great way to start the week!

9. The Infinite Smile Project wands made it all the way to Disney World. Here’s the recipients day 1 in Florida!

10. From Susan to her sister-in-law: A surprise free ticket to Knott’s Berry Farm for a wonderful sister-in-law visiting from Chicago…and taking a wand back to the midwest to pay it forward

11. From Miss Rhiannon- I sent my nieces in Texas these wands in Valentine’s Day packages for the Infinite Smile Project. They were so happy and excited to get these and are already figuring out who they are going to give them to next!!

12. From Amy- Infinite Smile Project…my teaching partner was thrilled to enjoy a special breakfast in place of having to go to her recess duty.

13. The ISP Wand made it to Disney World in FL. This amazing young lady caught our eye enjoying the show and her Mom was so appreciative of the kind gift for her and her daughter. This one made our trip!

14. OC Dance Productions Infinite Smile Project strikes again! We thought we should spread the happy by adding a smile to our dear friend Kat’s face Love Miss Allison and Miss Care’n

15. From Miss Amanda N- My Australian friend is visiting and there was a debacle with her luggage; car-less and clothes-less I picked her up and took her shopping to get clothes for her trip! And passed on an Infinite Smile Project Wand!

16. From one friend to another- She survived her first semester as a teacher and I wanted to get her a little something.

17. From Miss Amanda N- Gave Harper a valentine and helped her make valentines this afternoon!

18. From Susan- I was the lucky recipient of a random act of kindness with some awesome bubble bath to take the stress (and exercise soreness) away! Can’t wait to pass it on….

19. Programs & PR Coordinator Amanda N took a cue from instructor Elizabeth and donated 4 bags of gently used clothing & household items!