Recital 101

We here at OCDP thought it would be beneficial to you and your dancer(s) to divulge all things recital related on our blog so that you’re in the ‘know’! If you have any questions please email OCDP Director Kim at, leave a comment below or ask your instructor.

1. Costumes

We are finishing up on costume distribution during our classes.  If you missed the class period where costumes were being passed out; your instructor should have the costume available for you at the next class.

How to Care for your Costume:
-Do NOT allow your dancer to wear the costume around the house casually
-Do NOT wash or clean your costume prior to the performance (EXCEPT for metallic fabrics, you may apply a LIGHT steam from a steamer or steam iron; 8-12in away from the garment, please exercise with caution)
-For all costumes EXCEPT flat, pancake tutus; please hang on a hanger to allow the creases/wrinkles to flatten out
-For flat, pancake tutus, find an open flat surface and lay the tutus flat on surface with the bodice of the tutus pulled flat on top of the tutu so that it does not wrinkle.
-For ALL tutus, go through the tutu and pull through all of the layers to prevent any layers from being crushed

Costumes have been ordered from the PRECISE measurements that you provided on the commitment form. If you feel there has been a discrepancy please contact Kim at

2. Leg/Footwear
Refer to your instructor as to specific leg/footwear she would like your dancer(s) to wear along with the costume. (Click on the link below for examples)
A rule of thumb for:
-Ballet: Light Pink Tights (please purchase new tights if your dancer’s tights have holes/rips/snags) & Pink Shoes
-Lyrical: bare legged or Nude tights and Tan jazz shoes
-Hip Hop: neutral sneakers-black, silver, white, or grey. Or matching to the costume (for example if the costume is red/black then a red, black, or red and black sneaker would suffice)

Again, this is a guideline, please ask your instructor for exactly what she prefers.

3. Tickets
-Tickets are $10 each, and volunteers must purchase a ticket for themselves
-Children’s ages 3 and under do not require a ticket IF they lap sit. Each child will be given a distinguishing sticker marking that they are lap sitting, and staff will be monitoring the auditorium to ensure you abide by this policy.
-After the Thanksgiving holiday, we will only be accepting CASH, please prepare exact change for your instructor so that it does not take away from class time if the instructor has back to back classes
-Your dancer(s) do NOT need a ticket, they will be held backstage prior/during the show
-Tickets have been available for purchase during costume distribution, but your instructor should have tickets with them at every class leading up to the recital.
-We highly suggest you purchase tickets PRIOR to the recital. Although tickets will be sold at the door (depending on seating availability), you can save time by purchasing early.
-You may NOT ‘save’ seats for guests that are arriving after you. We apologize if this causes an inconvenience, but we want to keep seating fair from everyone attending. Staff will be monitoring the auditorium to ensure you abide by the policy, and will also assist guests in finding seats.

4. Rehearsal/Practice

There are NO additional rehearsals for the recital dances aside from the class period. That means the first time the dancers are on stage is going to be the ONLY time they are on stage. Some instructors will be demonstrating the dance along with dancers while they’re performing on stage (but off stage at the bottom of the stairs), and some dancers will be on their own.

Therefore, we need you and your dancer to be accountable in knowing and rehearsing the dance on your own time. We suggest reviewing the dance at least once a day. Please ask your instructor how you can help with your dancer reviewing the dance (recording the dance during class time, etc).

There are only 2-3 WEEKS left until the recital, depending on if you have class or not the week of Thanksgiving.

5. Stage Make Up*

*Is optional, and up to the discretion of the parents and what they prefer

The purpose of stage make up is to define your dancer’s facial features so that they may clearly visible on stage with the stage lighting. And your dancer can get a feel like the performance is more formal by wearing make up. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, please notify your instructor

What You Need:
Liquid Foundation-Your dancer’s skin tone
Loose Powder- Translucent
Eye Shadow-a neutral and shimmery palette
Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner-Black
Blush-Light Pink
Lipstick-Red/Burgundy (please do not apply if you think your dancer will be snacking backstage while waiting to perform. Notify your instructor and we can have a staff member apply the lipstick on your dancer backstage)

Optional- Eyebrow color, lip liner, white liner(can be substituted with white, light shadow)

Here’s an Example from JAM Cosmetics:

You can also search ‘Age-Appropriate Stage Makeup’ for other tutorials on YouTube

Stage Make Up for Boys:
If your dancer is a boy and you plan to apply make up, please follow the youtube instructions provided by JAM Cosmetics above; with applying foundation, eyeliner, and blush. It will not be necessary to apply the other make up products.


6. Hair

Please ask your instructor how she prefers your dancer’s hair to look for the performance.

What You Need:
Gel and/Hairspray
Bobby Pins
Hairnet(for ballet buns only)

Here are a few general pointer for the classical ballet bun:

Classical Ballet Bun

Classical Ballet Bun for Short Hair

For combo, jazz, and hip hop classes, your dancer may be asked to do a high ponytail, side pony tail, pigtails, etc.

Many costumes included hairpieces, your instructor will notify you of where to place the hairpiece in your dancer’s hair.

7. Day of the Recital

Location:  Irvine’s Lakeview Senior Center-

20 Lake Road  Irvine, CA 92604

Please have your dancer arrive at least 45minutes before showtime

9:15am for the 10am Show

12:15pm for the 1pm Show

3:15pm for the 4pm Show

Refer Below for your Show Time

Show #1 10 am

1.“The Nutcracker- Mother Gigogne and the Clowns
Ms. April  Tuesday 10am Princess Ballet

2.“Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” Ms. Vanessa Thursday and Monday Combo

3.“Suzy Snowflake
Ms. April Wednesday Princess Ballet

4.“My Only Wish This Year”
Ms. Amanda Thursday Tot Combo

5. “Santa’s Bag of Toys”
Ms. Vanessa Monday Laguna Niguel Princess Ballet

6. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”
Ms. April Thursday All in One

7. “The Nutcracker- Marzipan
Ms. Amanda Monday Princess Ballet

8.  “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”
Ms. Amanda Monday Hip Hop Jazz

9. “The Nutcracker- March”
Ms. April  Tuesday 9am Princess Ballet

10. “The Nutcracker- Closing Waltz”
Ms. Amanda Wednesday Beginning Ballet

11.”Deck the Halls
Ms. Amanda Friday Int. Hip Hop

Show #2 1pm

1. “All I want for Christmas is You”
Ms. Brynn Monday All in One

2. “Oh Santa”
Ms. Dyoni Monday Pop Star and Cheer

3. “The Nutcracker- Waltz of the Flowers”
Ms. Amanda Wednesday Tot Pre Ballet

4. “Santa’s Bag of Toys”
Ms. Vanessa Lake Forest Princess Ballet

5. “Suzy Snowflake”
Ms.April Wednesday Fountain Valley Princess Ballet

6. “Drummer Boy”
Ms. Brynn Monday Hip Hop Pop Star

7. “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”
Ms. Vanessa Monday Ballet and Tutus

8. “Santa’s Gonna Rock n’ Roll”
Ms. April Saturday Fountain Valley Combo

9. “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”
Ms. Brynn Monday Princess Ballet

10. “All I Want For Christmas”
Ms. Vanessa Pop Star Laurna Niguel and Combo Orange

Show #3 4pm

1. “The Nutcracker- The Sugar Plum Fairy”
Ms. Brynn Saturday Tot Ballet

2. “The Nutcracker- Overture”
Ms. Amanda Thursday Intermediate Ballet (6-10)

3. “Christmas Waltz”
Ms. Amanda Monday Beginning Hip Hop

4. “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”
Ms. Brynn Saturday Princess Ballet

5. “Santa’s Bag of Toys”
Ms.Vanessa Thursday Laguna Niguel Princess Ballet

6. “Jingle Bell Rock”
Ms. Brynn Saturday Tap/Ballet

7. “Hip Hop Jingle”
Ms. Dyoni Saturday All In One

8. “Hula Hoop Christmas”
Ms. Dyoni Saturday Combo

9. “This Christmas”
Ms. Amanda Friday Lyrical Jazz

10. “Winter Wonderland”
Ms. Amanda Monday Tot Hip Hop

11. “The Nutcracker- Sugarplum Fairy”
Ms. Amanda Thursday Beginning Ballet  (4-6)

12. “Turkey Lurkey Time”
Ms. April Thursday Musical Theater

Dancer should be in costume with hair and make up done, have he/she bring a jacket to wear over the costume. (Please pack make up and extra hair accessories just in case)

A majority of your dancer’s time will  be spent backstage, we will have coloring pages but please pack a book, toy, or small snacks for them

You will be bringing your dancer to the auditorium and checking them in at an OCDP marked table, and from there he/she will be held in our backstage room. You are not able to check out your dancer until after the recital has ended. Staff members will be supervising your dancer and taking them to the restroom as needed.

Staff Members will be wearing OCDP tops

*Parent Volunteers you will be notified by the OCDP director Kim, as to what your volunteer duties will entail the day of the recital. There will also be a place for you to check in.

If you have any further questions, please email or leave a comment below! We can’t wait for Rockin’ Winter Wonderland 🙂

20 Lake Road  Irvine, CA 92604

(949) 724-6900