Recital Resource Spring 2013

We are just about 2.5 weeks away from our Spring Recital! Here is everything you need to know to prepare for the recital and the recital day. We want to keep providing you with this recital experience, therefore please respect and abide by our performance policies to ensure that the performance will run smoothly and all performers, staff, and attendees can be in a safe environment to enjoy the show:

Dress Rehearsal CANCELLED. There is no longer a dress rehearsal on Friday June 7th.

Recital Location
20 Lake Rd Irvine, CA 92604
(949) 724-6900

Admission Tickets  & Seating
Tickets will be available for purchase on the day of the recital starting 1 hour before the recital time.

10AM Show: Ticket Sales 9am-9:50am
1PM Show: Ticket Sales 12pm-12:50pm
4PM Show: Ticket Sales 3pm-3: 50pm

-CASH ONLY, tickets are $10/each
-No maximum cap for each family
-Children 2 years old and under may lap sit and therefore do not need to purchase a ticket. However lap sitting is permitted only for 2 year olds and under will be enforeced by OCDP staff.
-Seating is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE and seat saving is not permitted. We will be enforcing seating policies, any seat that does not have a person sitting in it will be open for the ushers to seat recital attendees
-Auditorium will open 30 minutes prior to showtime for seating, and we will have 1 line forming towards the right side double doors into the auditorium.
-Parent volunteers must purchase a ticket for their reserved front row seat (volunteer name will mark their seat)
-Only marked parent volunteers may sit in the FRONT ROW. Attendees may not seat in the front row (even if there are empty seats).
-FIRE/CROWD SAFETY: To maintain the safety of the performers, staff, and recital attendees, you may not leave your seat and move to a location away from your seat or closer to the stage and stand, squat, or sit to take photos any time during the show. We need to keep all aisle ways open, and also not impede the views of others. Entering the stage during the performance or 6 feet in front of the stage is strictly prohibited. If you want to ensure that you get a seat closer to the stage, please come earlier as seating is first come, first serve. Attendees seen getting out of his/her seat to take photos other than in their seat will be asked by staff to go back to their seat. Our photographers may be moving about the auditorium to take photos and our videographer will be recording from the back of the room down the center aisle.

Photography & Video Recording
Flash photography and video recording on a tripod is prohibited. Flash photography can distract the dancers on stage from their performance and you will be asked to remove or put away any large equipment or tripods prior to the show starting.  Camera phones, point and shoot cameras, and slr cameras are okay. Per the request of past recital participants we are providing DVDs for purchase this year! We are very excited to offer you this option so that you can enjoy the show in it’s entirety. DVDs are $20 each (includes shipping to your provided mailing address) and will be available for purchase through pre-sale and at the  recital.  For DVDs only, we will take checks payable to OC Dance Productions or CASH. DVDs will be mailed to you up to 3 weeks after the performance date by the videographer to allow for production, handling, and ship time.

DVD will include a couple minutes of behind the scenes footage, and only be of your dancer’s 1 recital.

DVD ORDER FORM HERE (if you would like to purchase, please print out and staple check/cash to form then bring to the RECITAL, do not hand to your instructor)

Auditorium Policies
If you have to bring snacks for your little ones, please make sure to dispose of any trash. As well, please bring non-messy, dry snacks.

Dancer Performer CALL TIME
Your dancer is to arrive and be checked in 45 minutes before the show time (please refer to the time guide below) with hair, make up (optional) and costume on (w/jacket worn over). Once your dancer is checked into the backstage dressing room, he/she can not be released to you until the end of the show. Parents will not be allowed into the backstage dressing room area, please prepare your dancer to be without you for at least 1.5 hours. We suggest you have them switch into their dance shoes before being checked in, and also pack a small non-messy snack & water (such as trail mix, dried fruit, cereal). Staff members will not have extra hair supplies such as bobbypins, hairnets, and hairspray, therefore please prepare your dancers hair and optional make up prior to being checked in. Before leaving the house, please make sure your dancer(s) arrives wearing his/her hair piece/accessories and do not forget costume accessories such as gloves, sashes, etc; we do not have extra. As well, if your dancer(s) are in multiple dances, be sure to bring all costumes (and hairpieces/accessories). We will have a staff member to help quick change your dancer.

Check In Times:
10AM Show- 9:15am Check In
1PM Show- 12:15pm Check In
4pm Show- 3:15pm Check In

The show order is listed in the link below

Dancer Performer Release/Check Out to Parents
Different from our past recital performances. We are no longer conducting check out starting after the 1st dance is finished. All dancers are to stay for the entire show to do a finale bow at the end. Every class will be entering the stage to bow, then guided to either sit down or stand on the stage until everyone has taken a bow. After the finale is finished, and to ensure that all dancers are leaving with a guardian, you will be checking out by last name through EITHER the entrance doors with an OCDP staff member or staff members will lead ALL dancers back to the room where parents will check out just like the check in process. We may designate 1 door for A-N last names and the other door for O-Z last names. Please listen for our announcement immediately following the finale, regarding check may come up to the stage to grab your dancer(s). Photography is allowed on and around the stage after the show has ended. The double doors to either side of the stage will not be available for exit.

Parent Volunteering
For the protection of the of the dancers, no parents or non-OCDP staff will be allowed in the backstage/dressing room area. Only the parent volunteer him/herself will receive the front row reserved seat. Your name will visible on the seat with a sign. If both parents are volunteering then each parent will receive a reserved seat. There will be no seat switching during the performance. Your volunteer duties will be given to you at your call time (1 hour 15 minutes before the show starts). Volunteers still need to purchase a ticket for the show they are attending.

-Arrange for your dancer to be dropped off at his/her call time, as we will not have proper supervision available at the time volunteers arrive

Volunteer Arrival Times
10AM Show- 8:45AM
1PM Show- 11:45AM
4pm Show- 2:45PM

-Duties can not be chosen
-Volunteers arriving more than 10minutes late will be relieved of their duties and revoked of their front row reserved seat
-There will not be any volunteers in the backstage dressing room area
-Volunteer list available below

Costume Care
How to Care for your dancer’s Costume:
-Please do NOT allow your dancer to wear the costume around the house casually
-Please do NOT wash or clean your costume prior to the performance (EXCEPT for metallic fabrics, you may apply a LIGHT steam from a steamer or steam iron; 8-12in away from the garment, please exercise with caution)
-For all costumes EXCEPT flat, pancake tutus; please hang on a hanger to allow the creases/wrinkles to flatten out
-For flat, pancake tutus, find an open flat surface and lay the tutus flat on surface with the bodice of the tutus pulled flat on top of the tutu so that it does not wrinkle.
-For ALL tutus, go through the tutu and pull through all of the layers to prevent any layers from being crushed

Refer to your instructor as to specific leg/footwear she would like your dancer(s) to wear along with the costume. (Click on the link below for examples)
A rule of thumb for:
-Ballet: Light Pink Tights (please purchase new tights if your dancer’s tights have holes/rips/snags) & Pink Shoes
-Lyrical: bare legged or Nude tights and Tan jazz shoes
-Hip Hop: neutral sneakers-black, silver, white, or grey. Or matching to the costume (for example if the costume is red/black then a red, black, or red and black sneaker would suffice)

Again, this is a guideline, please ask your instructor for exactly what she prefers.

Stage Hair/Make Up*

*Applying makeup is optional, and up to the discretion of the parents and what they prefer

The purpose of stage make up is to define your dancer’s facial features so that they may clearly visible on stage with the stage lighting. And your dancer can get a feel like the performance is more formal by wearing make up. If this is something you are uncomfortable with, please notify your instructor

What You Need:
Liquid Foundation-Your dancer’s skin tone
Loose Powder- Translucent
Eye Shadow-a neutral and shimmery palette
Pencil or Liquid Eyeliner-Black
Blush-Light Pink

Optional- Eyebrow color, lip liner, white liner(can be substituted with white, light shadow)

Here’s an Example from JAM Cosmetics:

You can also search ‘Age-Appropriate Stage Makeup’ for other tutorials on YouTube

Stage Make Up for Boys:
If your dancer is a boy and you plan to apply make up, please follow the youtube instructions provided by JAM Cosmetics above; with applying foundation, eyeliner, and blush. It will not be necessary to apply the other make up products.

Please ask your instructor how she prefers your dancer’s hair to look for the performance.

What You Need:
Gel and/Hairspray
Bobby Pins
Hairnet(for ballet buns only)

Here are a few general pointer for the classical ballet bun:

Classical Ballet Bun

Classical Ballet Bun for Short Hair

For combo, jazz, and hip hop classes, your dancer may be asked to do a high ponytail, side pony tail, pigtails, etc. We suggest that for any hairstyle, to style your dancer’s hair while it is wet and secure with hairspray.

Many costumes included hairpieces, your instructor will notify you of where to place the hairpiece in your dancer’s hair.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thanks, and see you at the recital!