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Registration for our Holiday 2018 Show on December 9th is OPEN!

Please mark your calendars and your instructors will have more information and costume info on the first week of class. Registration can be done online or via handouts that will be emailed from your teachers the first day of class. See you in December!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a dance recital and why should I participate?

A dance recital is an opportunity for dancers to showcase their hard work, skills and routine for family and friends. Dancers dress in stage costumes and perform with their class. Recital is a special day for dancers that gives them an opportunity to dress up, feel proud, play backstage with their peers and staff and gain confidence from their accomplishments all session. It’s truly a day they will always remember.

What is the cost for recital?

Recital costume fee is $60 for the recital costume. Children are measured, the costume is ordered and the dancers keeps their costume. Tickets range from $10-$15 depending on pre-sale. Proceeds from the tickets go directly to the rental costs of the auditorium, SAHS staff and security.

Where are recitals held?

Our recitals are held at the beautifully renovated Bill Medley Auditorium at Santa Ana High School. The facility has a fully operating stage and staff, secured backstage, professional sound and lighting.

How do I sign up?

You can register your dancer either online (this page) or you can complete the forms emailed to you from your instructor and bring to class with a check. Please make sure all parts of the form are completed and measurements are accurate. Please note deadline dates for commitment forms. Failure to sign up by these dates will result in non-participation.

How long does the recital last?

OCDP generally hosts 2 recitals in one day. Your child will only participate in one. Generally the times are 11:00am and 4:00pm. Each show lasts approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Call time for each show is one hour prior.

My child wants to do recital again! Is there another?

Yes, we host two recitals a year, a spring show each June and a winter show at the close of the fall session in December. Registration for June begins in January/February and for the December show registration for recital starts in September.

What happens backstage?

The entire OCDP staff works each recital and are with your children backstage. Each class remains with their instructor and other staff coloring, playing games, and doing activities with their peers and teachers. Backstage is locked off and secured only allowing our background-cleared staff to entertain the dancers before and after their performance.

Can we get a DVD of the event?

Yes, OCDP hires a professional videographer to capture the preshow activities, the recital, and the dancers backstage. DVD’s are $35 and can be ordered online or the day of the event.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

We are happy to answer them! Either email your instructor with specific questions or feel free to contact the OCDP office with any questions or concerns you may have!

Recital Highlights

DVD orders:

Please print this order form and bring with you with a check for $30 to the recital OR click on button below to order the DVD and email the form to

Registration for our Totally 10 Year recital has closed!

We thank you for your interest and encourage you to look out for information regarding our holiday recital, which will be posted in August. Registrations occurring after 2/18/18 are subject to rush shipping fee to be determined by the office. Please contact our Recital Coordinator with any concerns.

By completing this online form I understand the nature of the activities that my child will be participating in, and I acknowledge and understand that in participating in any dance class, workshop, program, performance, recital, or dance related activity, there are inherent risks of physical injury, property damage, or death. In full recognition of these risks, I hereby knowingly and voluntarily agree to assume all risks and responsibility for any such injury, accident, or other damage which may result to me or my child during my child’s participation in any such dance class, workshop, program, performance, recital or dance related activity offered by or on behalf of Ever After Event Productions, LLC (“Ever After Event Productions”), including all risks reasonably connected with such activity, whether foreseen or unforeseen. I acknowledge and understand that Ever After Event Productions assumes no responsibility for any medical expenses, injury, or other damage suffered as a result of my child’s participation in the activity for which he or she is being registered.

I further agree to release, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Ever After Event Productions, its affiliates, subsidiaries, other partners, and vendors and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, instructors, shareholders, legal representatives, agents, successors, and assigns, from and against any demands, claims, damages, liabilities, penalties, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees, expert fees, and litigation costs), or causes of action of any kind or character that arise out of, result from, or are otherwise connected with the willful or negligent acts, errors, or omissions of my child or my child’s participation in the dance class, workshop, program, performance, or dance related activity for which my child is being registered.

I understand that Ever After Event Productions may take photographs, video recordings, and/or audio recordings of me and/or my child during this activity for future advertising purposes, and I hereby consent to the reproduction and authorization by Ever After Event Productions to reproduce and use such photographs and recordings for publicity purposes without receiving compensation for such use.

By signing this Waiver and Release from Liability, I certify that I have read, understood, and agree to be legally bound by the terms herein. I further certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child being registered.

I also understand that I am officially signing up my child for OC Dance Productions’ recital and understand once payment is submitted there will be NO REFUNDS. I also understand that I am enrolling in the appropriate class and session (full 10-12 weeks) and for spring winter and spring sessions with OC Dance Productions. I acknowledge that any measurements and size selections I submit for my dancer are my responsibility and am responsible for any alterations that may be involved. I also understand that this event is a non-city sponsored event and I wait all liability to OC Dance Productions, it’s contractors and volunteers that participate in the recital and agree to the use of any recital photographs to be used by city recreation and/or OC Dance productions for promotional purposes only.


Parents Info:


Costume Sizing:

All measurements should be submitted in inches

Street Clothes Sizing:

Costume size (based on your measurements and use the size chart provided below).
Choose one for each manufacturer:
I acknowledge that any measurements and size specifications regarding my child are MY responsibility. Once I commit to a specific size/measurement, OC Dance Productions is NOT liable for any alterations or problems that may occur.
**Please note, extra small costumes are extremely tiny. Please be aware that no exchanges/returns can be made.**

Child's Info:

After clicking submit, you will be forwarded to Paypal to for payment. Your booking is not complete until payment has been received in full.

Costume Sizing:

**Please note, costumes tend to run small. It is better to order one size up. Taking in a costume is much easier than letting it out. No exchanges/refunds will be possible.**


How to Measure & Select Sizes for your Child’s OCDP Recital Costume

– Measure your child while she/he is wearing a leotard or form-fitting clothing for the most accurate measurements, do not measure your child in street clothes

– When trying to decide which size to order, girth should be the most important measurement for girls; if your child’s measurements fall under multiple sizes, go for the larger of the multiple sizes.

– Have your dancer stand straight with their weight evenly distributed

– The measurement tape should be snug but not too tight on circumference measurements and stretched tight for vertical measurements

– XLC and XXLC sizes are made to fit a larger child, not a petite adult

Use your measurements to SELECT THREE SIZES, 1 size for Weissmans 1 size for Revolution and 1 size for Curtain Call

– OCDP will not select sizes for you. You are responsible for measuring and sizing, follow the instructions exactly; costumes are NON-refundable NON-exchangeable and you are responsible for any appropriate alterations.

– Your measurements and size selections need to be included on your recital form to be considered complete

– Boys: please provide street clothing size for Pants/Shorts and T-Shirt where indicated.

How To Measure

Weissman's Sizing

Discount Dance Sizing

Curtain Call Size Chart

Revolution Size Chart