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OC Dance offers comprehensive summer camps in dance, cheerleading, musical theater, and “princess training”. All camps include dance technique, choreography to perform on the last day of camp, kindness activities, themed games and crafts, and FUN! Come join us this summer for one of our award-winning camps for kids!

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Refer to city-specific descriptions for complete camp inclusions, material fees, and items needed per genre/city.

Participants have an action-packed week learning hip hop, jazz, and ballet while improving stamina, flexibility, and strength! Boys and girls will also enjoy fun games, daily crafts, kindness discussions, and learning a dance to perform. Last day performance for family and friends!

Boys and girls will learn various dance genres and areas of performing arts in this workshop-style camp. Dance and theater variations taught include hip hop, jazz, ballet, & musical theater thus providing a well-rounded understanding of performing arts. All songs and choreography are age appropriate. OCDP’s “I am Kind” program kindness discussions and activities, themed games and themed crafts performed daily. Final performance on last day of camp for family and friends!

Children learn beginning cheerleading skills and multiple genres of dance in this fun, energetic camp! Campers learn cheerleading arm motions, jumps, basic tumbling, beginning stunts, and chants. Dance instruction includes ballet, jazz, and hip hop to help dancers’ pom dance skills and choreography. OCDP’s popular “I am Kind” program kindness discussions and activities, themed games and themed crafts performed daily. Final performance on last day of camp for family and friends!

Campers will be introduced to the fun and exciting world of musical theater! Children will create characters, learn articulation, projection, rhythm, acting, vocals, and basic choreography while working to produce a musical number or two. “I am Kind” program kindness discussions and activities, themed games and themed crafts performed daily. Final performance on last day of camp for family and friends! For more information on this year’s theme click HERE 

Boys and girls will get their energy out learning beginning hip hop and breakdance moves, choreography, and how to piece hip hops moves together to create your own choreography at home! Each day will include hip hop instruction including foot work, isolations, popping, locking, and performance skills along with fun daily crafts, team building games and kindness discussions and activities. Final performance on last day of camp for family and friends!

Campers learn lyrics and hip hop/jazz choreography to kids’ favorite, popular artists. Dancers will learn routines, how to make their own pop star dances at home and will learn about stage presence and performance skills that will improve confidence and improvisation. Our award-winning camp includes silly games and of course our well-known kindness activities each day to help our dancers support and build up one another. Daily Pop Star-themed crafts and all songs and choreography are age appropriate. Last day “Pop Star Concert” for our special VIP family and friends.

Welcome to Princess Academy! Princesses are trained through familiar princess songs, team building silly games, basic etiquette for children, stories and imagery, beginning ballet and themed princess crafts. “Princess in Training” activities at the academy focus on poise, manners, grace, teamwork, and daily kindness discussions. A royal performance for family and friends held on last day of camp!

This active camp features beginning hip hop choreography with a superhero flair. This summer we’re featuring music and themes around 2022’s “Super Pets” for an extra fun camp. Our award-winning camp features daily team-building games, kindness activities, and superhero-themed crafts. All music and choreography are age appropriate. Last day performance for family and friends!

Perfect for the kid who wants to learn TikTok moves and the parent who wants to keep them off the app! Boys and girls will learn popular TikTok dances taught by a professional instructor that are age-appropriate in both movement and song choice. Camp helps promote jazz and hip hop dance technique and instructor will break down choreography and encourage dancers to add their own flair. OCDP’s popular “I am Kind” program kindness discussions and activities, themed games and themed crafts performed daily. Final performance on last day of camp for family and friends!

Campers will be introduced to the fun and exciting world of musical theater! Campers will engage in various aspects of musical theater through a mixture of various genres of dance, acting, vocal and performance skills taught by tenured performers in theater and dance in this varietal camp. Camp will be split with proper dance instruction and choreography in beginning jazz, hip hop, and commercial dance in conjunction with acting and vocal workshops suited for this age. Camp includes team building games and daily crafts for a full camp experience. Emphasis on stage presence, performance, and audition skills thus cultivating confidence amongst peers. OCDP’s popular “I am Kind” program and kindness discussions and activities incorporated daily into camp. Final performance on last day of camp for family and friends!

Please pack and label the below items for any camp in which you enroll your child.  Parents will also be emailed the Friday prior to camp with the list of supplies needed. 

Camp Participant Supplies

  1. Material fee for crafts (cash only – due first day of camp)
  2. Snack (non-nut products please)
  3. Large water 
  4. Lunch (full day camps only, ie 9 am – 3 pm camps)
  5. Extra change of clothes (campers ages 3.5-7 only)
  6. Hand sanitizer (if over 8 years old, fragrance-free if possible)
  7. Kleenex pack or tissues
  8. Mask of choice (even if masks are optional during camp dates)
  1. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early and be sure to follow the current implemented guidelines and rules for COVID safety.
  2. Dancers need to be picked up on time and instructors will not be responsible for children outside of camp time. Some city locations charge a fee for participants picked up late for camp. Please plan to arrive for a prompt pick-up at the end of camp time. 
  3. Siblings are not allowed to wait unsupervised.
  4. No gum, candy, or anything in the dancer’s mouth is permitted at the start of camp (safety/choking hazard)
  5. All COVID-19 protocols will be in effect and are subject to change at any given moment. OC Dance and the hosting city reserve the right to change these policies and procedures at any time. *Please see COVID-19 policies & procedures for more information.
  6. All waivers and agreements must be turned in or submitted in completion with all signatures and requested information before camp starts and dancers enter the dance room. These waivers and agreements MUST be signed by the legal parent or guardian. Nannies, grandparents, babysitter signatures are not accepted.

Our dancer and staff’s safety is of the utmost importance and priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. All policies and protocols are subject to change at any given time due to the fluid state of guidelines as weeks progress. OC Dance Productions reserves the right to update, change, and implement rules and regulations at any and all times to remain a responsible business in our communities. OC Dance Productions also reserves the right to refuse services to any family and/or participant who does not comply with policies and protocols.

Please refer to your city’s specific COVID-19 Policies & Procedures by clicking here. OCDP will inform parents of COVID policies in the Friday pre-camp email or throughout the camp week.

*OC Dance is not responsible for changes in classes/camps protocol or cancelation due to state and/or city regulations during COVID-19 restrictions. Attending any class or camp with OC Dance assumes participants and parents know and understand the risks associated with COVID-19 during the pandemic. Thank you.

  1. Any camp registered for through a city website/program will fall under that city’s policy for cancelations and withdraws. Please contact the city for your request.
  2. All camps are subject to cancellation or change at any time.
  3. Fees are not prorated for missed days or crafts. 
  4. OCDP will follow the city’s policy for those who have been asked to leave or be removed from camp for any COVID non-compliance reason.

Summer 2020 Testimonials

  • Charlie and her friend Kayla had a wonderful time! I thought you (Miss Marissa) did a wonderful job of staying professional while enforcing protocols that are for our safety. The Covid protocols enforced by OC Dance were what’s needed at this time and were professionally enforced for the safety of our littlest ones. There is a community need for safe, fun and professional programs. We would definitely take more classes and camps with OC Dance Productions in the future. Thank you for everything! – Crystal, San Clemente
  • Thanks, Marissa! Izzy has a really good time and you did a great job! – Kevin, San Clemente
  • Our family is so grateful you held camps this summer and we were impressed with the safety measures in place! My daughter loved going to camp every day and we hope you’ll have classes this Fall! Thank you! – Parent, Irvine
  • Rosie had such a blast!! Will you have any other camps this summer? I will write to the city and I did already do a review on their website. Thank you!! – Parent, Irvine
  • My daughter participated in this last week’s pop star dance camp. Up until March 2020, my daughter attended Hip hop classes every Monday through the city. My daughter loves dancing & performing. We were soooo glad to have the opportunity for my daughter to do that again with this last week’s camp. She missed it soo much. Thank you for offering this course. We hope to participate in more very soon. – Nathalie, San Clemente