Summer of Kindness with the Infinite Smile Project

OC Dance Productions has teamed up with community initiative the Infinite Smile Project for a ‘Summer of Kindness’.

Our Dance campers and students have the opportunity to participate in activities revolving around all things in kindness to show all kids that a better way of life is to be good to one another and not mean or exclusive. This is a completely voluntary project but our campers/students have had fun with it and so we hope you will too! It’s short, easy, & fun but IMPACTFUL. You don’t have to be one of our campers/students to participate, see how you can participate below.

How to Play:

  1. Either go to  ISP’s website  and “subscribe” to their blog to get the “Weekly Challenge” emailed to you.  OR if you have a Facebook account, you can “like” ISP’s Facebook Page and posts will be made each Monday.
  2. Download and print the kindness tracker chart below for your dancer or anyone that wants to participate to track their kindness acts and get some ideas as well
  3. For parents: Make sure you notice all their kind acts and praise them for a job well done! The more they do, the more confident and proud they become.
  4. and remind them to tell their teachers (for campers/students) each week what an amazing kid they are!
  5. Bring their completed kindness form on the last day of class so we can see what great things they have done over the summer to be kind!


Samples of Weekly Challenges:

1.   Write thank you letters to Police officers or firemen

2.   Read a book to your sibling

3.   Clear the table for Mom & Dad

4.   Kindness crafts: Making bird seed feeders and give to neighbors

5.   Make secret message heart to leave for friends at their home

We also might throw out options for things you might have on hand that may need to get rid of: ie: old backpacks to bring to class that we can donate to organizations that fill them with items for the homeless.


Again, this is all voluntary but fun to get the kids involved and keep them busy this summer!

Download your forms below:

OC Dance Productions Dance Campers & Students Tracker Chart: Download & Print Here
Kindness Tracker Chart: Download & Print Here
Kindness Ideas: Download & Print Here