We wanted to showcase some of the heartwarming emails and feedback we’ve received from parents in regards to their and their child(ren)’s experience with OC Dance Productions.

The community makes us who we are and we couldn’t teach dance classes and host recitals and events without you!

Hee - Irvine

I was looking for my little girl to have fun and discipline at the same time. Miss Sara is the one for her! There are some teachers who are too nice to follow the rules or some who just want kids to follow the rules. Miss Sara is both in a good way! Thank you!

Sophia - Cypress

Dear Miss Sara, thank you for the award.  Lia loves her class and is very excited to attend each Wednesday.  She practices all her moves at home.  You make the class so fun and you are very patient and kind with your students!  You get the Awesome Teacher Award! Thank you so much!

Desiree - Fountain Valley

My name is Desiree and my daughter took the All In One Dance class through the city of Fountain Valley with Miss Peppers. Miss Peppers is an amazing dance teacher and all her students just fell in love with her. She has a natural gift to teach kids!

Nobuko - Fountain Valley

I just want to say thank you so much for providing kids fun and comfortable place to be in such a hard time (spring 2022). My daughter was in Miss Peppers’ hip hop class spring session in FV and was amazing!! I was so touched by Miss Peppers’ personality and teaching skills (she is) so wonderful and very professional. I so appreciate my daughter having such a wonderful dance class. My daughter will definitely come back to Miss Peppers’ dance class this fall and hopefully more Miss Peppers’ classes in Fountain Valley in the future!!

Janet - Fountain Valley

My husband, Arturo, and I want to thank you for a very positive experience in “All in One Dance” with Miss Peppers.  We have had our daughter enrolled since fall 2021 and would like to commend Kianna (Miss Peppers). She is an exceptional, encouraging dance instructor who really personalizes the class by showcasing our children’s strengths. We will continue to have our 4 yr old daughter in class as long as Miss Peppers continues to be our teacher.  We look forward to the growth of our little dancers and appreciate the city of FV partnering with OC Dance Productions.

Jessica - Irvine

Thank you, Ms. Marissa! You are such a great teacher. Sasha had a blast on stage!

Courtney & Kris - Yorba Linda

We just wanted to reach out and thank you (Miss Marissa) for all the work you have done with Phoebe. She loves dance/ballet and was so nervous for her first recital. I couldn’t believe how confident she came out on stage and how much she enjoyed it. Thank you for making this such a wonderful experience for her, we appreciate the care/love you put into your students.

Candice - San Clemente

Thank you again for everything, Miss Marissa! Thank you for your dedication, thoughtful teaching, and patience with Sage and all the dancers. You helped cultivate creativity and perseverance through your leadership and attentiveness. Thank you for making Sage’s first dance journey and first recital a memorable one. We are dancing away from this experience with only fond memories and with Sage being very inspired to learn more!

Velear - CA

Our family wanted to take a moment to share how much we have appreciated our daughter being able to continue to take dance through private lessons this year. Miss Marissa is amazing!  Not only has our daughter continued to grow as a dancer, but she has also had a valuable outlet to express herself. We can’t express enough how much she looked forward to dance and being able to work with Miss Marissa. Miss Marissa is kind, nurturing, and a wonderful teacher. We feel very blessed. Many thanks! (parent from private lessons taught during COVID-19 pandemic)

Rachel - San Clemente

We REALLY love Ms. Kiersite. She is AMAZING!!!!!! Abby is soooo happy in class. She’s actually asking non-stop if it’s Monday again and time for ballet. Ms. K is so spunky and sweet as well. She gives sparkles when the girls listen!!! Her experience has prompted me to book the ballet party cause it’s a true love of Abby’s heart now!!!

Nathalie - San Clemente

I just want to say thank you [Miss Marissa] again for the holiday show (Candy Cane Lane 2019). The show was seamless and it was quick and efficient, which as parents we appreciate. All the dancers did great, especially in my daughter’s class!

Megan - Yorba Linda

What a wonderful show today!!! (Summer Splash Recital June 2017) Thank you both (Miss Morgan & Miss Alexis) for making this possible for our family to experience.  Emily had a great time and we had a phenomenal time watching her perform. I also loved every dance class and appreciate Morgan –your patience with her really paid off!  She is a completely different dance student today than she was the first day of class.  Thank you so much!!!!

Christie - Yorba Linda

My daughter has been in several of Miss Maddi’s classes over the last two years and I have to say that Miss Maddi is a treasure. My daughter talks about her favorite dance teacher almost daily! She makes Paige so excited to come to class, dance, and fully engage. Miss Maddi‘s passion for dance and children is truly present in all that she does. I love the energy that she brings into the Yorba Linda Community Center. You are very lucky to have an employee such as Maddi in your company.

Proud Parent - CA

OC Dance is amazing. My child had a hard time getting used to class and her instructor was so warm and friendly and made it easy for her to get adjusted. We did the recital this year and it was so well organized and the costumes looked amazing. Thank you so much for making my daughter’s first dance experience a very positive one!

Colleen - Irvine, CA

I just want to let you know that my daughter just completed a week of dance camp at Northwood Park in Irvine, with your staff. They were so professional, patient, energetic, fun, positive, helped all the kids feel at ease and realize their talents and put on an excellent dance camp this week!

It was so fun to watch the performances this morning! The kids shined! Great week! Kids loved it! You hire such wonderful teachers!

Thank you for this experience!

We’re looking forward to more fall dance classes with OC dance!

Colleen (parent from Irvine community nursery school)

Minelle - Cerritos

Thank you, Miss Crystal, for a wonderful Fall dance session! I’m thrilled that my son is learning to follow your instructions and do “real” dance moves, and I especially love it when you encourage them to do their own freestyle moves during “freeze dance.” We’ve started playing freeze dance at home, and it’s so much fun watching him let loose! My son loves your class, so I signed him up for the next session. He’s been asking me how many days until Christmas, not because he wants presents, but because I told him he’d go back to your hip hop class after Christmas – it was so sweet! Thank you for sharing your love, time, and talents with him!

Proud Parent - Irvine, Ca

My son just completed a class with Miss Sarah (hip hop for boys).  My son had such a good time, that we’d like to enroll him for the next class.

Lynn-Irvine, CA

Hi Taylor, Wanted to say thank you – the recital was so great – you did a great job prepping the girls – all of the funny moments made the night too :)

Megan-San Clemente, CA

Thank you so much, Miss Taylor! My daughter had a wonderful first recital experience, and I mostly credit you for that!

Howard Family-Orange, CA

Thank you so much! It was such a great experience and I am signing up Paige for next session as we speak! You are a great teacher and it really showed with how well the girls did. They have so much fun in your class:) We had a little thank you that we wanted to give you, but didn’t have a chance recital night. I took a picture of the card Paige made you:) I included a few pics of Paige from her recital too. All of the costumes were just too fun! We want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we will see you in January! (to Miss Taylor)

Tasha-Irvine, CA

My 10 year old daughter has taken ballet classes with Miss Amanda N. for about a year and has completely improved with her technique, posture, and confidence. Miss Amanda’s strong background in dance shows through and her guidance has helped my daughter build a greater interest in dance. She has since wanted to try other dance types and classes with Dance the Magic’s Parade at Disneyland Performer Class being one of her goals. The investment in this program is definitely worth your child’s experience! Throughout the program, Miss Amanda F. worked diligently and energetically making the final performance a HUGE success! Seeing all the kids dance at Disneyland dancing in Dance the Magic’s Holiday Spectacular Parade during Christmas time was truly a dream come true. My daughter was so overjoyed afterwards, telling me countless times how incredible happy and what a magical time the whole day was. THANK YOU to OCDP, Miss Amanda N., Miss Amanda F., and Miss Kim for their commitment, dedication, preparation, detail, and hard work they invest in our children. OCDP is both professional and personal making it a studio worthy dance company that parents can be proud to send our dancers!

Melissa- Huntington Beach, CA

A heartfelt story from one of our instructors, Ms. Melissa regarding our recent Holiday Recital:
“Had lunch in Huntington Beach today, when the manager of the restaurant came up to me and asked if I was a dance teacher, he went on to tell me how he came to his daughters recital a couple weeks ago and recognized me from the show. He said the show amazing and that couldn’t believe that such young children could dance so well. At the end of lunch he brought our bill and comped one of our meals, saying thank for all we do for his daughter!!!! What, so cool!!!”

Eva-Irvine, CA

OC Dance Productions is literally a godsend! I have taken their Yoga Booty Ballet class for over 6 years, which is in of itself a huge testimony, because I am very easily bored. But Kim Esmond consistently delivers a program that is both challenging enough to help me meet my health goals and fun and entertaining- so I actually look forward to working out! The class is part workout, part therapy, with “on the radio now” playlists and fun doable choreography that makes even me feel like a dancer. Not only do I look great after class, I’m in a better mood all week long. I’ve also experienced a number of the other classes OC Dance Production offers, including kids classes for my boys, and they all deliver the same great experience with instructors that are high energy and real. I can’t imagine my life without them!:)

Emily- Irvine, CA

My son took Miss Care’n’s “All in One” class in Irvine this summer and is going to be taking another class with her this fall. I would just like to tell you that we are SO impressed by her. She is an AWESOME teacher, always smiling and happy. She runs AWESOME dance classes for kids and does a fantastic job keeping kids engaged and on task; she makes kids LOVE dance! She is also wonderful at keeping the parents in the loop, providing us with information and responding to e-mails. We LOVE Miss Care’n and hope that she can get some recognition in your company for being so truly fantastic — graceful in every sense of the word and such a professional.

Maiko- Irvine, CA

Thank you for the opportunity to allow Kayden to be a part the amazing recital. Kayden really enjoyed being on the stage and he wants to continue dancing! Thank you for all your hard work!!

Tamara- Irvine, CA

Hello, my daughter Angelina is in Ms. Amanda`s hip hop and jazz dance class on Friday evenings. I called into the office to to give her kudos for doing such a great job but was told that the best way to do this was to send an email. Ms. Amanda is wonderful with the kids and the fact that she has been able to teach them so much is admirable. Ms. Amanda is stern with the children when she needs to be but remains fun and makes the class very enjoyable for the kids. I feel that she is a wonderful asset to the Irvine programs and I am so happy that we have her as a teacher. Thank you so much for continuing to provide great activities for the children of Irvine.

Jane-Irvine, CA

The performance was amazing!!! It went so smoothly. You guys did afantastic job. Thanks for such a wonderful experience for my girls!

Eric- Irvine, CA

I am Riley’s very blessed and proud dad. I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to pay attention to each of the kids you teach and not treat it like just a job. My daughter is fabulous! She loves being in your class. She feels music. She dances every day and regularly puts on dance recitals for My wife and Myself in the evening. What a wonderful gift, Music, dance, life!

Proud Parent, CA

Keep up the great work you are doing. I know you realize this, but sometimes it’s good to know other people do, as well, what you do makes a difference. It teaches the kids how to work through things for a positive outcome. It helps fill them with positive emotion and thoughts, which is followed by actions. And, for my daughter, it’s helps her be part of one of the things she loves most in life. I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter. She is amazing! The Recital was great btw! I know you and the other instructors put a lot of yourselves in making it special for the kids and the parents. You all did a great job! You, obviously, did the best job. I’m serious, you really did!

Beth-Irvine, CA

Thank you so much for all your hard work with the Disney parade. Michelle had a wonderful experience that was all because of your dedication to these children. Michelle only wants to continue with dance because of you. Thank you again. Your efforts make a difference in all these children’s lives.

Jennifer-Irvine, CA

Dear Miss Amanda and Miss Kim,
We just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for working so hard to arrange such a magical day! Olivia said it was ‘awesome!’ being in the parade and it brought tears to our eyes, to see our little one perform at Disneyland! It was wonderful! Our whole OC Dance group was great and I hope you know how much you are appreciated! Have a nice, relaxing weekend! Big hugs! Olivia and Jennifer :)

Susan-Irvine, CA

I’ve been taking the Yoga Booty Ballet for a few years now. I always look forward to going and try to never miss a class because Kim and Claire are so fun and motivating! We burn lots of calories, get toned and stretch it all out too. I am so thankful for OC Dance Productions classes as an integral part of my weight loss and overall health and well-being!

Erin~Newport Beach

Thank you for caring so much for our kids. Adding the kindness exercises just melted my heart to see how many stars my child won and how much fun she had doing it. It was such a fantastic add-in to summer camp!

Sera~Laguna Beach

We loved the recital! Thank you so much for making the experience one my daughters won’t forget. It exceeded my expectations and was such a beautiful day for them and us.

Lydia~San Clemente

Hi Taylor! My girls are loving your class. I have to tell you I can’t think of many coaches/teachers in my own life, let alone theirs, who connect as genuinely and with such talent as you.