The Power of Love!

Let’s see what the power of love can accomplish! 

We recently met a little girl who is going through a difficult journey in life, and through special friends, we were able to witness her live one of her dreams. Kailyn is a special, vibrant little girl who is currently undergoing treatments for A.L.L. – High Risk B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Childhood A.L.L. is a type of cancer where the bone marrow produces too many immature lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). Before her diagnosis her parents described her as “energetic, athletic, and lively!” She was just starting her life’s journey to find her own identity when her journey became much harder.

Due to the aggressive behavior of A.L.L., Kailyn and her family had to drastically change their lifestyle to help Kailyn battle her cancer. However, she is still just a little girl who loves embracing life, walking her dog, playing with her stuffed animals, and princesses! Despite everything going on, Kailyn’s parents do everything they can to help her keep as normal of a childhood as possible. Our friends at Ever After Princess Events were honored to be apart of a special moment in Kailyn’s life recently. They were contacted by local photographer @blyssphotography to join Kailyn and her family for a princess surprise at the beach!

Kailyn LOVES the Aloha Princess and the two of them spent an afternoon at the beach talking, playing, and sharing sweet moments together. Kailyn and the Aloha Princess quickly became friends and just like her new friend, Kailyn’s beauty truly shines from within! There was one more part of Kailyn special visit though…The Aloha Princess worked with the incredible makeup artist @al_lusions who created a bald cap, so when the time was right both Kailyn and Aloha Princess could walk to the horizon and remove their wigs together to celebrate their beauty within! Aloha Princess triumphs against life’s uncertainties and we’re confident Kailyn will do the same!


This was such an incredible moment for us to witness and we hope this story has touched your heart like it has ours. If you wish to help Kailyn and her family, and follow her journey, her parents have set up a GoFundMe page. Click on the link here to check it out!

We pray that Kailyn will fight her Leukemia quickly and she will be back to her energetic, lively self soon!